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To the Omni Community

Thank you for helping us build this community!

We have received so much feedback from you guys and have learned a lot from this experience.

Where we are at:

• We have decided to close this Kickstarter Event to make all the adjustments that we feel will greatly improve the game and your backing experience. This will take some time but we plan on rereleasing September 1st, 2022.

• While we will be closing the Kickstarter, we have released playtesting decks and promo packs for preorder. These will be available until May 31st!

Some adjustments will be:

• Refining our production and art costs so that we can set a lower goal amount.

• Making community recommended adjustments to cards and rules.

• Preforming more Demo & Playtesting events to bring more people into the community, while gathering player intel to better the game. (edited)

A few additional announcements!

Firstly, we stated in our initial Kickstarter, we are aiming for full transparency as well as having Omni be a community driven game. This is still true and we hope the following announcements prove this.

Secondly, as you are all aware we have been communicating with another printer for improved print quality and holofoil variants. Unfortunately we have chosen to end discussions with this company as we are not confident in their reliability.

Thirdly, we have already established ties with another printer who has proven to be more reliable and of higher quality; Choice Sports Cards. We are currently working on getting samples in their various holographic medias, and are pleased to inform you that we will be making promo packs of these cards available for purchase once we receive them. They will consist of 18 cards with 3 different holographic styles (Keep in mind, these will be EXTREMELY limited - we currently estimate there will be less than 20). In regards to the upgraded card quality; this will now add more cost to the game. That being said, Omni is meant to be played, so we intend to set the Kickstarter up to have the initial goal be set with Make Playing Cards and Choice Sports Cards as the first stretch goal. If there are any issues or concerns regarding this, we ask that you voice them. We have a growing community on discord and welcome you to join!

Fourthly, we are working on another playmat that will be Antimatter themed; further updates to come as we progress!

Lastly, we also have playtesting events lined up at Mr. E Comics on May 15th, as well as

Phoenix Fan Fusion from May 27th – 29th!

Thank you again for all of the pledges, community engagement, and feedback. This will help us reach Omnipotence. As always, we encourage everyone to share your thoughts and engage in the community! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for Omni in the future, please reach out to us at any time, we are always looking for more information. Be sure to check in for More Off the Forge!

- ForgeMaster C

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