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The Omni Blitzkrieg - A Massive Overhaul

New to the Realm

We have finished development of the next 2 playtesting sets, as well as updating the existing ones! We are proud to announce that Omni TCG now has a total of 8 starter decks to choose from and begin your journey into the realm. Looking for more customization? We got you covered with the1st (and only) all in one expansion pack! Totaling 230 cards, this pack will allow you to personalize your decks and establish more strategies to help you claim Omnipotence! Future “expansions” will be in the form of Booster Boxes, staying true to the TCG model. While Omni is a TCG, we felt that players deserved the chance to explore what Omni has to offer in the Omega Set, without fear of breaking the bank. These are now available on our store for a limited time (8/28/2023 - 9/17/2023) and will be on another pre-order basis, so be sure to grab a set or two while you can!

We have done our best to produce as many of the products we listed on our initial Kickstarter as possible. We are happy to reveal that the Crystal Monolith D20 towers are now available for Pre-order, in addition to a plethora of newly designed Playmats Hot Off the Forge! Still not enough? Well you could always slip into one of our new T-shirts to bring you one step closer to Omnipotence! We have both affordable T’s and high quality ones to match your budget. These will be available in our store for the foreseeable future; so get yours today!

Phoenix Fan Fusion

We had a great time at Phoenix Fan Fusion meeting everyone! We really appreciate all the support everyone showed and the advice they provided! We got some really great feedback on some cards and we are happy to report that everyone seemed to enjoy learning the game! We were approached by one of the event organizers to return again next year with a designated table, dedicated to Omni. We appreciate the support Mr. E Comics has provided up to this point, but are excited to be an official part of Fan Fusion moving forward; we hope to see you there next year!!!


The realm of Omni has expanded once more! We are thrilled to announce that 7Dwarves will now be doing learn to play events hosted by Next Level Gaming in Goodyear AZ! Join us the first Saturday of every month at 12pm and learn to play some Omni! Mr. E Comics playtesting is now based on demand; if you are looking to play and are local to Maricopa, Az; we encourage you to reach out via Discord to set something up!


With our Omega playtesting set now live on TTS, we have resumed regular playtesting online! As many of you are aware, the Omega Series Omni Tournament has concluded; we had a pretty awesome turn out! We are happy to announce that the Omega series champion is 2Lainz (Youtube: CardGameCrypt) with his "Discount Omni Deck"! There were a lot of good games and a lot of surprising plays / deck builds! As a result, we have definitely learned a lot and are excited to see how the changes we've made since will improve the game (featured in the new Playtesting Sets)!

Missed the Tournament?

Fear not!

7Dwarves will be hosting another TTS Tournament in December 2023,

so make sure to keep an eye out for further details!

Tucson Comic-Con

A reminder that we will be attending Tucson Comic Con again this year; stop by the gaming lounge and visit us at the Omni TCG booth (#GR14)! We will have the newest playtesting sets available and will be featuring/displaying other Omni merchandise that is also available for preorder on our online store! The 2023 Tucson Comic-Con will take place September 1-3, 2023 at the Tucson Convention Center in Downtown Tucson, Arizona.

The Future

We have strived to be a community oriented TCG; that means we rely heavily on everyone’s support to keep moving forward and achieve success. We will continue to keep everyone posted on developments (we highly recommend you join our Discord if you haven’t done so already!), but please reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions! We take all suggestions to heart, so please let us know how we can improve! Remember that we can’t do this without you!

Keep striving for Omnipotence!!!

-Forge Master C

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