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The Call for Omnipotence!

The Realm Beckons!

7Dwarves is committed to bringing quality games to our customers and we have continued to double down in our efforts bring Omni TCG to you! Things have slowed down a bit in the TCG space, but we are here to let you know that we haven't stopped and will keep striving for Omnipotence. To that end, we have some exciting new updates for everyone!

  1. As of today, the long awaited TTS update is live! This is a grand total of 217 unique cards for you to play and experiment with! This means you can now play with every pre-constructed deck, make some unique decks of your own and customize the way you play!!!! Download the Tabletop Simulator Mod here:

Why has this taken so long you ask? Well, when we originally began creating Omni, the focus was always on the gameplay itself – and at the core of that, are the mechanics. After solidifying those, we turned to the cards. As we progressed, we slowly altered cards to better fit the mechanics, (new) lore, and had planned synergies with later sets. Once we determined the Omega set would be all-inclusive, we revamped almost every card to make for a more full and well balanced game. We are striving to meet the expectations this will set. We need your help of course; playtesters will always be welcome, and we will do our best to show our appreciationn!1

2. As mentioned in previous updates, we would like to remain a TCG and our plan to remain

one is to offer an alt-art/holo-foil variant set for those looking to collect. The alt art will mostly

feature 7Dwarves art that is being replaced with Kcilustra and Floor35 art. The Holo variants

will be of the official art from our various artists.

3. We have been contacted by another amazing artist and have been super impressed with

the work they've done. We had a sample done for the Event card Soul Surge, and were

absolutely blown away! We are happy to announce Nocturne has agreed to do some Omni

promos and will also be updating a few pieces in the Omega set!

4. We will be attending Phoenix Fan Fusion again this year! That being said, we will only be

available for games on Saturday, June 3rd (6/3/23); however, we will be there the full day,

so be sure to come by and say hi!

5. We have purchased another booth for Tucson Comic Con this year as well! We will be

promoting the preorders for the Omega set while showcasing the Alt-art set that will also be

available online. If you’re looking to try out Omni or would like to get some product in hand,

we invite you to join us in Sept!

6. We are excited to reveal that an official Omni Tournament will be taking place at the

beginning of July! All participants will receive a standard full art Soul Token, and the Winner

will win the Holographic Full Art Soul Token card. Join the Discord and go to "⁠tournament-

signup" to sign up.

7. While we have been working on art and polishing up gameplay, we have been in

contact with another author to assist with expanding Omni’s lore. As of now, we plan on

having 10 short stories that will further detail the history of Omni and its denizens.

8. We would like to remind everyone that this game was always meant to be community

driven and we would still like that to remain the case. We don’t want to end the game as

soon as it starts, that was never the plan. We would like to keep developing this game, but

we need that support. So, we will be making one last “Hail Mary” Kickstarter for a 30 card

expansion set AFTER delivery of the preorders for the Omega set. Otherwise, we will take the

profits from the Omega set sale and commit them towards the development of our table top

game: BlightBorn.

9. As we stated before, we are trying our best to get that engagement up on our end as well.

One way we thought to do this was by incorporating new polls to vote on AI art we have

developed (Via Discord). If this is well received, we will continue with these until we are ready

for production.

As always, we encourage you guys to voice your opinions and let us know how we're doing! We are all in this together; keep striving for Omnipotence!!!

- Forge Master C

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