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Paving the way toward Omnipotence

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

We apologize for the lack of updates on our website and through Kickstarter. We have been extremely busy with preparations for our second launch & Tucson Comic-Con; in addition, life has been hammering us nonstop. In case you are not active in our Discord community or following us on Instagram, we have quite a few updates to share with you!

Events & Sets!

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who stopped by at Phoenix Fan Fusion in May! We had a great time and were blown away by all the support! Omni was extremely well received and we can't thank you enough for giving it a go at Omnipotence! While at Phoenix Fan Fusion, we were approached and asked to join the Tucson Comic-Con. We have since applied and have been approved as an exhibitor. Adding to that. we are now extremely confident and comfortable with the state of our current starter sets with the feedback we received from roughly 23 total random TCG enthusiasts at Fan Fusion; Forge Master J and I have concluded that we need to introduce additional starter decks for players to choose from. We will now be working on the elemental starter sets, consisting of the Earth and Electric attributes (The Crag & The Fulgur). These will be available slightly before, during, and after the Tucson Comic-Con (Sept. 3rd & 4th).


Our first Promo Packs have sold out! We honestly were not expecting this much demand for Omni, and have therefor have already started preparations for another promo set! This set will consist of 2 cards illustrated by our new backup/promo artist: Kcilustra! Kcilustra has been brought on in case Avoid Idle needs assistance (for whatever reason), as well as to provide promo cards for consistent releases. She will likely only be doing promos, but in the event that Avoid Idle is incapable of completing Omni, we believe that this artist is more than up for the challenge! That being said, we had some concern expressed regarding the quality of the promo packs. We completely agree, and wish to express our apologies to everyone that purchased one. We have been communicating with Choice Sports and have been assured this was abnormal and likely due to shipping; they guaranteed that the product was pristine coming off the line. As such, this next round of promo packs will serve to confirm their quality, as well as an apology from us here at 7Dwarves. To those that purchased a pack previously; we will be sending custom offers with a discount code, as well as an additional promo card (for free) that will also never be printed again and will not be for sale (so long as you guys scoop them up!)!

The Omni Community grows!

We have surpassed the 50 members milestone on discord!!! We want to thank everyone for being a part of this community! As thanks, we did (and will continue to implement at every 50 members) a random drawing from those currently in discord. The winner will receive a promotional item of sorts: the first 50 member giveaway was the 1 of 4 purple metal Omni sign (personally made) as a token of our appreciation! At every 50 members, the winner pool will increase by 1 - so when we reach 100 members, there will be 2 winners for that milestone! If you are looking to playtest and have a set of your own, we encourage you to join the Discord and use the “#looking-for-game” channel to post when you want to play, and see who else will be available. Don’t forget you can always @ForgeMaster and one of us will likely be available.


If you haven’t already, please follow the link to our Kickstarter page and sign up for the launch notification! Our Kickstarter trailer is getting a huge face lift and we will be sharing that with you once it has been finished (likely a couple weeks prior to launch). We are working on getting additional promotional items for the Kickstarter and we intend on keeping these a surprise but are excited to get your responses when you find out! One such surprise is that we are currently working on a Divinity Sheppard plush and will be sharing updates as they come! A HEADS UP: Our current plan is to have a "discord blackout" during the Kickstarter; meaning that we will basically ignore discord and do any and all updates / engagement there to further promote the Kickstarter campaign.


Avoid Idle and Kcilustra are currently working on a total of 10 pieces of art (2 of which will be featured in the promo packs previously mentioned!). Again, Discord is definitely the place to check this out! All of this should be in by (or close to) the end of June.


The prototype mat will be the only one available until the Kickstarter in Sept, and will be discontinued thereafter. We will be working on a Kickstarter exclusive mat from Avoid Idle, in addition to the 4 elemental mats we've been working on: Divine, Unlit, Craig, and Fulgur. Our plan is to have the 4 be permanently available after the KS.

What we need from you!

We will be posting questions for everyone regarding future development; these will be asked in the form of polls in Discord, so keep an eye out! We are really wanting to get our communities feedback on these! In addition to feedback, we could use some assistance with exposure; the vast majority of our budget has been spent on art, promotional items, print, and generic business expenses. This has left us with little in terms of funds for advertisements. Spreading Omni with friends and family who may be interested is a tremendous help and we highly encourage you to do so!

As always, we want to thank everyone for their support and we appreciate all the feedback! If you have any suggestions, concerns, comments, or questions; let us know!

- Forge Master C

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