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Overview of Last Several Months

A lot has transpired since we last addressed everyone here.

As you may have noticed, we pulled the Kickstarter; this was due to a variety of reasons; the main one being that the support wasn't there. There were multiple reasons, other Kickstarters launching and the unfortunate TCG fear. We wanted to show that we are still men of our word and as such when we announced we would launch Sept 1st we kept to it even when we met difficulties along the way (me getting sick and be hospitalized for a month and a half, family emergencies that happened). We should have postponed it right there but we wanted to keep to our word, took a lot of restless and long nights and launched as promised. With all the broken promises plaguing the TCG Kickstarter industry, we felt that following up on our promises was very important.


We have been pretty overwhelmed with the work that has gotten us to this point; and we will be taking an official personal break from the backend of creating games; we will continue to respond here and play games with those who are “looking for a game” (on our discord). We also will be taking our time, to avoid burn outs and keep our health better. This will mean a longer pause before we relaunch, and no official date at this time. To those of you that backed us on Kickstarter despite everything; we can’t express the gratitude we have for you! Words simply won’t convey this feeling; so we will do what we can to show our appreciation! To those who backed ‘til the end, we have special surprises in store! Keep an eye out!


The Future of Omni:


As it stands, we would like to remain a TCG. The plan moving forward after speaking with certain individuals is to follow a similar path to Gem Blenders, where we will launch our first set like an expandable card game model. This will allow everyone to purchase every card in the set all at once. That being said we will be reducing the size of the first set to 100 different cards and releasing 6 total starter decks. After this, we intend to return to the TCG model.


We believe by going this route, that everyone will be able to immerse themselves in the realm of Omni without competing with collectors / investors for cards. Also this will lower to overall cost of release and Kickstarter Goal amount. To include, this will better establish a player base (which was always the intension), and make the game more accessible. Once a player base is established, it will be more feasible to return to the TCG model with chase cards, shiny cards, and all those goodies!


While we are on break, 7Dwarves will be slowly working on additional vector art; people at both Phoenix Fan Fusion and Tucson Comic-Con signaled their appreciation for the vector art. As this has been well received and more cost effective, we intend to only focus on professional art for all the existence cards and some Quirks. All Event cards (as of now) will be done by ourselves.


As mentioned before, while on break, we will still be available for questions, suggestions, and playtesting! Do not forget, we hope to run an Omni tournament in the near future; so if that’s of interest but you don’t know how to play, just reach out!


We got some updates for everyone while we’re at it!


• The Divinity Sheppard plush is in and we will be making a review video for everyone to check it out (currently in the works)!


• The Shock Token has been received and the art has been posted!


• Our artists have begun working on the remaining Soul arts and will be completed upon our return (roughly at the end of January).


• We are currently working on additional promos that will become available after our return (card specifics and availability date will be established soon).


As always, thank you for your continued support and keep an eye out for “More Off the Forge”!

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