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Omni: Where We Are At, How We Got Here, and Where We Want to Be

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Omni has been in development for some time now; however, the game itself was no more than an idea a year ago. Omni originally began as a video game concept that Connor had been working on for years (2016-2020).

Well, it turns out that video game was just too ambitious and was put on the sidelines. Happening upon a Team APS video where they discussed “deck masters”, it became clear what Omni was meant for: a TCG!

Connor spent a little time converting the basic idea of Omni into a tangible TCG that had great potential... It was rough and realizing the shear scope involved in tackling a project such as this (as well as his limited experience with TCGs outside of his passion for Yu-Gi-Oh), Connor then approached Jacob as a business partner. Jacob has a vast collection of table top games and is well versed in MTG and Pokémon; he also has experience dabbling in Home Made TCGs throughout his childhood.

The pair dove into work on Omni and soon founded 7DwarvesLLC.

In order to meet our timeline goals, as well as to provide the highest quality product we can deliver, 7Dwarves has partnered with Avoid Idle; their art style and understanding of Omni has helped shape the game into what it is today. We are thrilled with the quality these guys bring to the table and are pleased to announce that every card in the set will be produced by these talented artists! We are currently in the process of expanding our play testing capabilities, while simultaneously growing the Omni community. We are currently working with brick and mortar stores to set up events to spread awareness of the game, build relationships, and get as much feedback as possible!

We are proud of how far we have come in such a short amount of time and believe that proves our drive and dedication to the project; rest assured, we got this! We have basically finished the game already; unfortunately, we are missing three critical components: the community, art, and funding for production. That’s where you come in!

Please help support this project at:

- ForgeMasterC

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