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Extensive Update

It’s been quite a while since we last updated everyone as 7Dwarves has been “on break” for the last few months and we felt that the community deserves to be kept in the loop regarding Omni’s development. While we have been “on break”, there has been a decent amount of headway that has been made and some new decisions regarding the future.

  1. Connor has recently refinanced and had some additional funds left over to commit towards Omni’s art. As of now, 110 new art pieces (of the same quality as the Craig vs Fulgar arts) from Kcilustra have been paid for! These will take roughly one year to complete, but we will be posting samples when we can.

  2. The plan moving forward is to complete the existing four decks and have a smaller expansion set of about 50-80 cards. A way for players to still customize their decks and delve deeper into Omni. This is less than the original plan for the first release, but due to cost and low engagement, adjustments were needed to release the game to those who wished to play.

  3. If you haven't seen, 7Dwarves officially hosts Omni Playtesting days at Mr. E Comics every Wednesday at 5pm! For those local to AZ, we encourage you to attend and give it a go at Omnipotence! Participants will be rewarded with a special error promo card (while supplies last)!

  4. At any point you wish to play, just hit us up and we will get something set up! While we wait for the art to be completed, this is the time to playtest and give us your suggestions. When we officially return from “our break”, we will begin loading in the remaining prototypes into TTS (courtesy of @2Lainz). This will allow for everyone to not only test out all the cards in the Omega Set, but also allow for personalized deck builds!

  5. 7Dwarves will soon be moving to release the last set of promos before the official release of the Omega Set! As of now, we are planning to have these be the ONLY randomized packs for Omni (more details to come). This way, we don’t necessarily have to rebrand as an ECG. What will be included: - Small Soul - Puny Soul - Medium Soul - Regular Soul - Large Soul - Greater Soul - Perfect Soul - Daraknor - Divine Solios - Tellus Terra - Fulgaria We will be sure to keep everyone posted on these developments as time progresses! (Release date TBD!)

  6. The Omega Set release will NOT be Kickstarted. We have found that Kickstarter focuses more on investors (people hoping to make a quick buck) instead of players who this game has always been focused for. If the Omega Set gets more support than anticipated, there will be more surprises to come. But, that is up to the community to decide!

  7. To those who backed us on Kickstarter, remember that we said we had surprises in store? 7Dwarves has never failed to deliver and is always true to its word! Previous KS backers will receive (with next purchase): 1 of 2 chibi arts: - Divinity Sheppard (AllyCharms) - Divine Solios (Floor35 (formerly Avoid Idle)) And a special prototype promo! Please contact us with your KS info so that we may send you one of these amazing chibi keychains and one prototype promo! If you’re an Omni VIP, you will also receive the second chibi!

  8. We need the support of the community, we are only two people and our reach is limited, but with your help we can spread the enjoyment of Omni with others. This game was designed to be played and it doesn't take much to learn, we have had quite a bit of success, including children of 8 years of age learn the game quickly and effectively.

We can’t express how grateful we are to everyone that has stuck around through this journey! Keep striving for Omnipotence!

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