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Welcome to
The Realm of Omni


All of our updates usually post to our discord community first; this is due to the high levels of engagement from community members. We encourage you to join in on the fun!


Our Kickstarter is currently scheduled to relaunch on September 1st 2022!

Newsletter Email

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Hot Off the Forge!

Promo Pack #2

We will soon be ordering more selective holographic cards from Choice Sports Cards to ensure card quality and promote the Sept Kickstarter! Visit our store and grab them while you can (they are limited)!

Kickstarter Pre-Launch

We have launched our Kickstarter Pre-launch for later this year. Please follow the link and join to get notified on updates and when it launches.

Playtesting Decks


The Elemental Starter Sets Series 1 is in development and will be available during the Kickstarter for purchase. These will also be in limited qty and are being produced by MPC.

Upcoming Playermats


The Unlit, Divine, Craig, Fulgur, and an exclusive playmat will be available during the Kickstarter.

Omni Events!

Phoenix Fan Fusion

Phoenix Fan Fusion was a major success with well over 20 different people playtesting and many playing multiple games. We are excited to do more event like this one.

Mr. E. Comics - TBD

We are discussing with Mr. E Comics for our next Event to be held in Maricopa. Details to come.

Tucson Comic-Con


September 2-4, 2022

We are happy to announce that we have been approved for our exhibit space with Tucson comic-con and the fees have been paid! Meaning, we will definitely be there and look forward to sharing Omni with those in attendance.

Game On Expo 2023 - TBA

We will be applying for a table once tables become available.


There are currently 4 versions of our playmat:

Product Showcase

Selective Holographic Cards

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