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Welcome to
The Realm of Omni


All of our updates usually post to our discord community first; this is due to the higher levels of engagement from community members. We encourage you to join in on the fun!


Not a fan of Discord? You can always follow us on Instagram!

Pre-order Notifications 

Want to ensure you never miss the latest and greatest from Omni? You can now sign up for our Pre-order notification list, by emailing us at:


Hot Off the Forge!

Promo Pack #3

We will soon be ordering more selective holographic cards from Choice Sports Cards to create our own mini set! These will feature 10 new arts currently in the works from Floor35 (formerly Avoid Idle), and more! Sign up to be notified when they drop and visit our store to grab them while you can (they will be limited)!

Promo Pack #2

Promo Pack #2 is still available for purchase. The supply is dwindling, so be sure to visit our store and grab them while you can!

Playtesting Decks



We are currently finishing development of the next 2 playtesting sets! These will be on another pre-order basis, so be sure to sign up for the notification list!

Upcoming Playermats



We will soon be commissioning Floor35 for 3 new playmats! 

Omni Events!

Phoenix Fan Fusion

We will be attending Phoenix Fan Fusion again this year! That being said, we will only be available for games on Saturday, June 3rd (6/3/23); however, we will be there the full day, so be sure to come by and say hi!

Regular Playtesting on
TTS / Discord!
2023 TTS Tournament

With our Omega playtesting set now live on TTS, we have resumed regular playtesting online! If you would  like the opportunity to play some Omni before the official Tournament (xx/xx/2023) and get some free cards, we encourage you to stop by our discord!

Tucson Comicon 

We will be purchasing another booth for Tucson Comic Con this year as well! We will be promoting the preorders for the Omega set while showcasing the Alt-art set that will also be available online. If you’re looking to try out Omni or would like to get some product in hand, we invite you to join us in Sept!

Mr. E Comics

Mr. E Comics playtesting is currently on hold for the time being. Don't fret! We should be returning soon with our full Omega set!

TableTop Simulator  Tournament

We are excited to reveal that an official Omni Tournament will be taking place at the beginning of July! All participants will receive a standard full art Soul Token, and the Winner will win the Holographic Full Art Soul Token card. Join the Discord and go to "⁠tournament-signup" to sign up.

TableTop Simulator Link



There are currently 6 versions of our playmat:

Product Showcase

Selective Holographic Cards

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